Tinker Bell wrote:
I think our past, present and even our future expectations shape how we perceive and cope with our own pains and troubles in life. Given the same ailment, two different people can easily have two different reactions. 

I agree. that is why i think if we learn to deal with the distress of the tinnitus, this will be an oppornity to learn about ourselves and change our approach in life in general. although difficult, this could be an opportunity for an emotionally healing time.
i know that for me in order to get better i had to more accepting and forgiving and constantly turn my attention towards others. whenever i have a catastrophizing thought, i think about my kids or my husband. how i feel about myself become irrelevant.
when i am not sure if i can make it another year, i write down my life priorities, what i would want to accomplish before i die and i start my day with that focus in mind.