Hi everyone!

Haven't posted here for a few years.. ;) You could say, tinnitus wise, I'm more or less a success story. After a few rough years, it's become 99% a non-issue. I think about it 5 or 10 seconds a day maybe. At night and in silence I put a noise sound on, or ambient music, it's an automatism, I'm fine with it. The mind's focus can make it so much worse, or better, I guess! So for those reading who are still somewhat new, even for a neurotic person like me, time does help. A lot of time sometimes. :P

That said, I'm still apprehensive about things that might permanently make it worse. So I'm cautious with going to loud bars, festivals etc. Also I'm skeptical of drugs. I'll take them only if they're super safe, or if it's absolutely needed.

That said. My doc suggests that I should take vortioxetine (Trintellix, Brintellix), which is a somewhat new antidepressant. There seems no plausible reason for it to cause ototoxicity. Its side effects list is unbelievably short anyway. But it's still relatively new, so it would stand to reason that more rare stuff hasn't surfaced yet in postmarketing surveillance. And I do believe we have to be more careful about our ears than the general population!

So: does anyone have experience with vortioxetine in regards to tinnitus level? I guess some experiences from you might reassure me that it's not too dangerous. 

Another option the doc offered me if I disliked it, was escitalopram (Lexapro). This is an older substance, so more is known about it, but it seems that it has more side effects. Anyone have experience with that?

Thanks and good luck!